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2013 Bo Wiklund is investigating how the process of composing is influenced by interplay with the musicians’ improvisations. From a tonal material with some given intervals and rhythmic phrases we play an improvisation which is recorded and then serves as the starting point for the actual composition. In the completed work there will also be … Continue reading Colonisation


2012-2013 Here we combine at random classical works with free improvisation. In the middle of the movements we let go and branch out into planned and spontaneous improvisations, finding new approaches to the expression and forms of the music.  

Mutations and Morphologies

2011 In a concert at Atalante in Gothenburg on 4 April, with solo pieces, smaller constellations of the ensemble and the first performance of a work by Lars Carlsson, ‘Mutations and Morphologies’ (2011), we experiment in binding together the different works with our own improvisations.