Knitted – DYS III


The ensemble collaborates with Ann Rosén, who extends the tonal resources by means of textile sensors connected to the computer program Max/MSP. Through their movements that stretch and relax the tension in the material, the musicians direct sound files and processes. The first performance of the work, DYS III, will be in the spring of 2014 and the concert will start with a section in which we cut and paste works of Franz Schubert and finish up bathing in Schubert.

Soundtest, DYS III, on repetition for concert at Storan in Gothenburg 5th of april 2014


Ann Rosén, soundartist and composer works experimentally and transdisciplinary. Ann’s list of works includes several electroacoustic works and compositions for ensembles like Stockholm Saxophone Quartet and Electric Guitar Ensemble KROCK. Ann is one of the Syntjuntan founders and is also involved in a number of other live-electronic groups where composed music is mixed with improvisation.


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