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Pictures at an Exhibition

Pictures at an Exhibition!!! Ensemble Makadams attempt to find an inspiring path through Musorgskys work resulted in a concert with photoprojections at Skövde Artmuseum 16/1 2020, with a following exhibition (until 10/3) where 10 photos by the photographer Misha Pedan was shown in the Small Gallery. From four big speakers (Genelec-rig deposited by EMS) streamed […]

Makadam and Henrik Strindberg

In the work Seven , Henrik Strindberg has taken note of the ensemble’s way of approaching the notaded music in improvisations and vice versa. The work will be presented ffg during Svensk Musikvår in March 2019. 15/3 kl.18.00 Ensemble Makadam, including the premiere of Henrik Strindberg’s new work. Teater Lederman, Stockholm The project is supported […]

Café Terezin

An important old friend from the past. For the first ten years of the 2000s, we played the staged concert Café Terezin in Stenhammarsalen at the Gothenburg Concert Hall for young people in secondary and high school. In the autumn of 2018, we were asked to take up this important topical show and play it […]

Durations – Listening – Rooms

Durationer – en konsertinstallation I samarbete med tre tonsättare har Ensemble Makadam laborerat med tid och rum, klang och lyssnande i olika former. I arbetet med denna ”konsertinstallation” har tre kompositioner vuxit fram samt idéer om ljusdesign och scenografi. Under veckan Durationer pågår i nedre foajén i Göteborgs Konserthus kommer varje tonsättare att, varsin dag, […]

Morton Feldman

Morton Feldmans sista verk för piano, violin, viola och cello kommer vi alltid tillbaka till. 5/10 2017 kl.19.00 Ny Musik i Borås. Morton Feldman:Piano, Violin, Viola, Cello (1987) 5/9 2017 19.00 Morton Feldman – Piano, Violin, Viola, Cello (1987) Göteborgs konserthus 21/08 2017 kl.18.00 Khimaira i Stockholm. Morton Feldman:Piano, Violin, Viola, Cello (1987)

Beethoven sketches

I Statens Musikverks arkiv och hos Stiftelsen för musikkulturens främjande finns möjlighet att studera Ludwig van Beethovens originalmanuskript och skisser. Vi låter dem inspirera oss när vi skissar, väljer och vrakar ur mästarens verk. 26/07 kl.19.00 Vibrationsverket i Anga. Beethovenskisser med ljudimprovisationer av Anna E Weiser. 25/07 kl.19.00 Almedalsbiblioteket i Visby. Beethovenskisser med ljudimprovisationer av […]

Spin, Rotation and Plain weave

The work is a structured improvisation based on the reverberation of materiality, in a progression from the room, from hand to mouth. The audience participates by embroidering freely throughout the concert. A peace occurs, a calm pulse, many people’s hands at the same time in focused efforts. The musicians keep the musical sounds in relation […]


During 2016 we made a number of concerts with the singer Avin Omar who initiated us with the Kurdish tradition. The encounter between her musical tradition and the reminiscence of Western art music in Makadams “Schubertbath” has been rewarding and we look forward to further cooperation. 2016 started with a new musical happening. Inspired  by […]


Ensemble Makadam experiment with the format of live performance as an installation in Art Galleries. The project explores musical durations and live music performances as installations in art- galleries and museums based on written music – as well as the ensemble’s free improvisations. The contemporary music searches, like other performative expressions (dance, performance, theater), a […]